Simcoe Muskoka Skillforce collaborates with adult upgrading agencies and community partners to build an effective and diverse adult literacy and essential skills system.

What is Service Planning?

Service planning is not a new concept.  For many years, organizations have put thought into the services they provide to their clients and community and the impact they want to have – all with the goal of improving services and making a difference in the lives of people who use those services.

The service planning process acts as a framework for making services responsive to, and organized around, the needs of communities.  The resulting service plan allows a community or organization to play an active role in moving in the direction that it wants.  It also allows a community or organization to react appropriately to challenges and opportunities.

How do we do Service Planning and Coordination?

We regularly host Service Planning and Co-ordination meetings with adult upgrading agencies and community partners where we explore trends, review data and share programming information.  Based on the identified needs or the forecast needs of each of our four planning communities, we develop a plan to respond to those needs.  Service Planning is a continuous process, and our staff often participate in community conversations outside of Service Planning meetings in an effort to further understand local literacy needs and trends.

Service co-ordination ensures individuals are directed to the most appropriate service provider/s for training and for other community supports they might need, to help them achieve their goals.


Simcoe Muskoka Skillforce helps match people who want to improve their core essential skills with training programs in their community.

We provide referrals to individuals who

  • want to upgrade, improve or brush up on their core skills
  • learn specific skills to prepare for and gain employment
  • want to prepare for formal education or training programs, such as high school credits or post-secondary
  • want to prepare for apprenticeship
  • have a client who needs to upgrade their core skills
  • have a friend or relative who wants to improve their core skills
  • would like to volunteer as a literacy tutor
  • are interested in trends and information in literacy and essential skills

• communication

  • reading
  • writing
  • numeracy
  • problem solving
  • digital
  • collaboration
  • creativity & innovation
  • adaptability